1. Wondering How You Can Beautify Your Backyard?

    You worked with us in the spring to bring your lawn back to life and add a few perfectly placed shrubs around your home and it’s really tying things together. Although you love the space, you find that there’s a little something that’s missing. Fortunately for you, at Mainstream Landscape Maintenance in Portland, our goal is to provide you with an outdoor space that you absolutely love! If y…Read More

  2. A Few Garden Design Ideas You’re Sure to Love

    When it comes to landscaping, there are a number of different things you can do to improve the curb appeal of your home. Whether you want to do make those changes to increase the value of your property or just because you want to enjoy the beauty of your home a little bit more, the team at Mainstream Landscape Maintenance is here to help! That’s why today’s blog is all about garden design idea…Read More

  3. Let Us Help You Make the Most of Your Yard

    Summer is in full swing here in Portland and we’re experiencing some truly beautiful weather out here. With temperatures in the 80s and low 90s, people are enjoying spending a bit of time outside. Whether they’re tossing a baseball back and forth with friends or grilling up some dinner with family, it’s a great time to be outside! For some people, however, being outside starts to feel like a…Read More

  4. It’s Not Too Late For Your Summer Project!

    Considering using brick pavers for a new driveway? How about building a new retaining wall so you can keep your garden on full display? Luckily for you, the team at Mainstream Landscaping is here to help! Sure, most of what we do in the summer is right there in our name (landscaping, of course), but we’re also fully equipped to tackle any other projects you want to throw our way. After all, it…Read More

  5. A Few Landscape Design Ideas To Look Into This Summer

    Here at Mainstream Landscape Maintenance, we always look forward to summer and now that spring is in full swing, we’re anxious to get started with the landscaping projects we love working on in the summer! No matter how you use your yard, we believe that pretty much any home could benefit from a good, old fashioned landscaping project this summer! That’s why in today’s blog, we’ll take a l…Read More

  6. 3 Reasons Your Portland Home Needs a Retaining Wall

    Here at Mainstream Landscape Maintenance, we have made it our goal to help make the exterior of your homes into the thing of your dreams. If you’re considering a retaining wall to enhance the look of your yard, we're the landscape design experts in Portland! Retaining walls are the perfect way to add some visual appeal to your home while also service a practical function. In fact, all it takes …Read More

  7. 3 Reasons We’re the Best Landscaping Company in Portland

    When it comes to landscaping, no one does it better than Mainstream Landscape Maintenance. We’re so good at it, in fact, that landscaping is our middle name! No matter who you are or what your landscaping needs are, we’re here to provide you with a level of service that’s simply unmatched by anyone else in the business. What do we offer that makes us so unique, you ask? It all starts with th…Read More

  8. Why Hiring Pavers Can Completely Transform Your Home

    Whether you’ve owned your home for a month or a decade, there are likely to be a few things you’d change. From changing the interior of your home with a couple coats of paint or new light fixtures to adding to the exterior of your home with flowers, shrubs, or trees, there’s no shortage of things you could do. In today’s blog, we take a look at why you can count on the pros here at Mainstr…Read More

  9. Landscaping Ideas for New Homeowners in Portland

    Purchasing a home, no matter whether it’s a decades old fixer upper or a brand new build, often comes with a couple of features that you might find less than desirable. Perhaps you’ve discovered a mid-century home that you’ve fallen in love with for its unique charm that could use some landscaping work. Maybe it’s a single family home that has all new appliances, wood floors, and light fix…Read More

  10. Should a Retaining Wall Be Your First Focus?

    Here at Mainstream Landscape Maintenance in Portland, our goal is to provide our customers with the landscaping of their dreams. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at one of the absolute best ways to give your yard that extra something that ties the exterior or your home together. When you already have the lawn of your dreams, a retaining wall could be just what your home needs to get that c…Read More