Lawn Aeration From The Landscaping Pros

No matter how well you take care of your lawn, over time, certain grasses build thatch that doesn’t decompose. This thatch is dead grass that makes it harder for water, fertilizer, and microorganisms to reach the grass’ root system, impacting the health of the living green grass on top. Even if your grass doesn’t grow thatch, you still need to be concerned about soil conditions. Clay soil can become compacted over time and make it almost impossible for any nutrients to reach your grass.

Whether you are worried about the soil conditions or the thatch, we have the perfect solutions for you.


To help break up soil, we use a power tool to create holes throughout your lawn called plugs, these plugs are moved to the top of the lawn to benefit the top layers of soil as well. This method is safe for your lawn, shortening the recovery time and repairing your lawn for the upcoming season.


By using a tool called a Power Rake, we are able to pull up all of the dead thatch and removed it from the surface of your lawn. This process does take longer than aeration, and we only suggested it to our customers who have grass that is prone to large amounts of thatch.

We understand that you may not know what is best for your lawn, but we do. We tell all our customers to aerate their lawn twice a year for the best results, especially if your soil is dense. Aeration is typically done in the spring and summer as long as your irrigation system is on and running.