Our Landscaping Team Can Handle Your Pruning

Pruning is absolutely necessary for your trees and plants to fully bloom and blossom. You may not think of it as an essential task to be completed, but at Mainstream Landscape Maintenance, we feel quite differently. If you want a beautiful, flourishing landscape, let us handle the pruning for you.

The right time to prune.

Did you know that some plants should only be pruned during certain times of the year? Depending on the plant variation and type, specific plants should be pruned late in the season while others need to be taken care of in the early spring.

If you do not prune your plants at the right time, it could affect their blossom without even realizing it. Unless you are an expert gardener, which we don’t expect you to be, there is no reason you need to stress about the right time to prune your plants when you work with us. At Mainstream Landscape Maintenance, we take our time to carefully prune your plants that the proper time, enhancing the overall dynamic of your landscape.

Advanced pruning

You may have trees or plants that require a more technical pruning routine; with our highly qualified technicians, you can trust that we will take care of your landscape for you. Although we can handle almost any kind of pruning, we do know our limitations and cannot prune under certain circumstances. If your trees are abnormally large or located by power lines, we will refer you to a certified arborist who we trust and know.

Contact us today to schedule your pruning service. We can come to you and see what type of plants you have and suggest the best way and time to prune them.